SUPPORT Services

Spectrum Support Services offers a broad range of high quality, person-centred supports to people living with disability or mental health barriers.  NDIS approved services include:

Plan Management

Support Coordination

Capacity Building

Assistance With Daily Living

Community Access

After School & School Holiday Programs

Exercise Physiology

Delivered through the gym on-site

Supported Independent Living

Short-term Accommodation

Behaviour Support Plan Implementation

Spectrum has an established history of holistic service provision for people with a broad range of support requirements.  Our service framework is founded on the principles of: 


In order to establish a program that meets the goals of service user, those goals must first be defined and supporting strategies identified. The design of an individual service plan (ISP) is a collaborative process centred around the client and involving all relevant stakeholders. We utilise a framework to encourage discussion and facilitate self-directed planning in all our direct support services. The template encourages clients and their advocates to consider a whole of life perspective in the planning of supports. Spectrum then works with you to identify strategies and options for service provision that are appropriate to the relevant funding guidelines and relate directly to the goals that have been established. Support plans are designed to be dynamic and change with your needs as well as being formally reviewed on a regular basis.

Service budgets are also developed in line with ISPs to ensure that the goals of service provision are appropriately resourced and service provision can be provided for the appropriate timeframe. At Spectrum we embrace effective planning and review processes as they allow us to clearly establish the expectations that our clients and families have in relation to service provision, and ensure that we deliver against these guidelines, exceeding expectations wherever possible.


When working with individuals and families we recognise that our programs need to be flexible and responsive to changes in circumstances and needs. We encourage our client to keep us informed of any relevant changes so that we can help to revise the support plan if required and maintain effective service arrangements.

Service quality and stakeholder feedback

Spectrum seeks to provide the best standard of service possible to our clients. While we have formal review processes in place, we encourage you to provide feedback at any time. It is always helpful to know where our clients feel that we are doing well and any suggestions for improvement.


At Spectrum we believe that good communication is essential to any significant achievement. We encourage open communication and collaboration between service staff, clients and families to ensure that the program works well and that any difficulties are identified and resolved promptly. In instances where there are multiple stakeholders involved, we will encourage the establishment of a formal communication protocol to ensure an appropriate flow of information between service providers in the interests of the client. It is essential that contribution of all stakeholders is recognised and respected.


We believe our role is to provide information and facilitate informed decision-making processes for our clients and their advocates. We will assist you to source and evaluate program options, prioritise your goals and make selections. Spectrum’s programs are as diverse as the clients we support. Wherever possible we seek to maximise self-direction in program planning and implementation to ensure that the program we deliver reflects your personal circumstances.

Offering a point of difference

At Spectrum we pride ourselves in providing a genuine point of difference in service provision for consumers. We seek to provide a range of services, mode of operation and organisational culture that separates us from our peers and meets the needs of consumers looking for something beyond the standard options available.

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Spectrum main office and administration services are open for operation from 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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